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Has anyone tried to integrate CUPS OCS CUCM with RCC and found that they have to edit the DN's in CUCM with '\+' as OCS will not normalise the DN unless Mediation Server is used?

This integration is a pilot at present.

OCS is not being deployed for Enterprise voice but is only being used for RCC.

Our issue is that we have to create Route patterns (with route lists GBNP)



To allow MOC client calls (missed, dialled)

We have to edit our DN's so that 4XXX becomes \+4XXX.

We have to add translation patterns to change 4XXX to +4XXX when dialled by a Cisco phone that is not using MOC an therefore has not been edited with the prepended '\+'

I have had to mask 4 digits in the Voice Mail profile to allow calls to forward to voicemail where the user cannot match the \+4XXX within Unity Connection 2 as it doesn't allow the E.164 numbering.

We have found that the MWi no longer works as Unity is trying to MWi to the non E.164 extension.

We have found that extensions who are not using the MOC setup and are therefore on a plain 4 digit extension have to wait for the inter-digit timeout if they attempt making the call off-hook (DTMF non-bloc dialling). This is because CUCM has 4 digit and 5 digit (+4XXX) extensions and will wait for the supposed 5th digit.

We are quite frustrated that OCS cannot strip the + unless Mediation server is deployed ££££!

Anybody else out there suffering this or are we doing this the hard way?


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