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Custom Corporate Directory Query Based on Department

I need to limit specific queries from Corporate Directory search based on Department. CCM 4.1(3)

My Goal is to create separate directory options, each associated with a specific department (I've done this) and then limit the query to ONLY users in that department (I need help here. :-|

The Flow as Joe sees it ~

User selects directory button.

(Based on info from xmldirectory.asp...)

User is provided with the following menu:

1. Missed Calls

2. Placed Calls

3. Received Calls

4. Department A

5. Department B

6. Department C

(I've got this far by adding new menu items to the xmldirectory.asp file, and then I tie those to separate xmldirectoryinput.asp files, which I plan to use to limit the query based on dept)


<Name><% = outputString( "Department A", "dictionary.lblCorporateDirectory" ) %></Name>

<URL><% = getBaseURL() %>A_xmldirectoryinput.asp</URL>



<Name><% = outputString( "Department B", "dictionary.lblCorporateDirectory" ) %></Name>

<URL><% = getBaseURL() %>B_xmldirectoryinput.asp</URL>



<Name><% = outputString( "Department C", "dictionary.lblCorporateDirectory" ) %></Name>

<URL><% = getBaseURL() %>C_xmldirectoryinput.asp</URL>


Next when the user selects 4. Department A, they should receive the standard

First Name:

Last Name:


However, When the user selects "search", I ONLY want them to see directory entries in Department A, and not the entire Corporate Directory. So I need A_xmldirectoryinput.asp to limit the query to Department A. Actually ~ I've just added the Department menu item via the xmpldirectoryinput.asp file, and prepopulated it with the Deparment of my choice, though now, I'm stuck on the xmldirectorylist.asp, and how to Query for the DepartmentNumber ... Help please??? :)

If they select Department B, ONLY Department B, etc.

What do I need to add to, or reference in the xmldirectoryinput.asp to restrict the search to a specific department?

Also - Would any changes, additions, etc. be required in the xmldirectorylist.asp file?



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