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Custom CTIOS Media Termination Installation packages

We have a customized version of the CTIOS 4.7 Agent Desktop client that we are building an installation package for, however we also need to include Media Termination. Could someone point me to a document that details the distribution requirements for CTIOS Media Termination? This does not seem to be covered in any of the CTIOS documentaiton available on the CTIOS 4.7 Toolkit distribution media.


Re: Custom CTIOS Media Termination Installation packages

Here are some PDF's that should have the information you are looking for

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Re: Custom CTIOS Media Termination Installation packages

Actually, no they don't. While they do explain how to finish configuring a Media Termination client once it has been installed, it doesn't provide things like, what registry keys are required by the Media Termination client, what is the directory structure the MT client needs to be installed into, are there any support files that need to be distributed with the MT client and most importantly, by what mechanism does the MT client get started by the CTIOS client? Without this informja tion, I am just guessing based on what I see different after a CTIOS w/MT installation.

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