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Custom Installation

Is there a way to perform a custom installation, and direct where Unity Places it's objects in the Directory?<br><br>We have an established, well organized Exchange 5.5 directory. On installation Unity created Recipients containers with Duplicate names of containers we already had in existence, DistributionLists is a good example of this. It also created objects in containers homed on servers other than the Exchange Server Unity was serving, further adding to confusion. It seems close to unbelievable that this kind of Carte Blanche Access to ANY established directory could be considered acceptable. Our implementation consultant claims that there is now way to install unity and choose where it places objects in the directory. Is this true?<br><br>

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Re: Custom Installation


Re: Custom Installation

The post Anil linked to is correct but I wanted to clarify a few things...

yes you can change the location of the container we use to create new users or new distribution lists. The Location objects container can be changed as well but be aware that there is one location made per Unity in a typical installation and the need to move this container elsewhere is dubious. If you're doing heavy AMIS networking or the like you may have the need to create additional location objects but these are hidden objects in Ex5.5 that don't have meaning to other applications or interfaces. We need them in the directory such that they'll replicated around for digital networking purposes. If you REALLY need to have these in another container it can be done but I really don't reccomend it. Users and DLs are understandable since they're shared objects, of course.

as a side note, with Ex2K this is configurable in step 2 setup (i.e. you can pick seperate containers for new DLs and users by browsing the AD container tree). I'm trying to figure out why this same functionality wasn't added to the Ex5.5 step 2 setup. I'm betting there's some goofy reason I'm not thinking of for why this isn't configurable up front with 5.5

Also, we are working on some new tools to make this configurable automatically after the fact, including for Ex5.5. This is mostly targeted at the gnarly problem of granting the correct permissions to the installation and service accounts and the even gnarlier problem of getting rights on the correct containers in AD for Ex2K. I'll post more out here when that gets out of the design stage.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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