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Custome cptone on FXS port

Hi all,

I am having trouble searching for commands to provide a custom cptone for FXS port. Anyone would give any pointers?

I could find custom cptone for FXO ("voice class custom-cptone" and supervisory "custom-cptone"). But since FXO doesn't generate tones for incoming and outgoing calls, I am not sure what this command can actually do. Thanks.


Re: Custome cptone on FXS port

Cisco IOS Software Releases 12.1(5)XM and 12.2(2)T introduced many improvements and changes. These include a change to the command line, the addition of "Tone Detection Tolerance" Classes, changes to the custom voice class configuration, enabling the creation of Customized Cptones, and the ability to use the predefined country specific call progress tones. The predefined country specific call progress tones provide a means of not having to configure a custom voice class. This significantly reduces the overall configuration needed to deploy the feature. This is configured by applying the cptone locale command to the voice port. It is recommended that this method be initially tried first before attempting to use any custom configurations.

This is a sample configuration. Note the inclusion of the commands timeouts wait-release 5 and timeouts call-disconnect 5. The defaults of these timers are thirty seconds and sixty seconds, which may prove to be excessive in normal use. Therefore, the timers should be reduced to suit the local condition. As a guide, five seconds can be considered as a more satisfactory value for both.

FXO_Paper#configure terminal

FXO_Paper(config)#voice-port 3/1/1

FXO_Paper(config-voiceport)#supervisory disconnect dualtone mid-call

FXO_Paper(config-voiceport)#cptone us

FXO_Paper(config-voiceport)#timeouts wait-release 5

FXO_Paper(config-voiceport)#timeouts call-disconnect 5



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