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Customize IP AA

is it posible to add additonal keys to the auto attendant menu other than the default dial 1 to dial by number and 2 for by name? for example press 3 for sales press 5 for accounting or do i need to use unity for this?

If it is possible with ccm, how do i map the keys to the appropriate DN?

thanks for any help

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Re: Customize IP AA

It is indeed possible but (There is always a but) It requires you buy the full IVR license. Auto Attendant and the Call Manager extended Services are just a cut down version with limited functionality. The main part you get with the full CRA version is the CRA editor which allows you to create your own scripts

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Re: Customize IP AA

thanks - that explains it.

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Re: Customize IP AA

Is it possible to change the Operator number?

When we change the operExtn Variable to a valide phonenumber, we still geht (debug on IVR) that it tries to connect to number 7000 when dialing "0" in the menu.

Any ideas of how to change this?



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Re: Customize IP AA


yes, it is possible to change the operator number. I have done that a couple of times. Just make sure that the operator number you set is configured in the CCM and you should have no problem calling that phone from another phone. By the way try to restart the engine of the application server after changing the operator number. You can access that with this url http://ip address of ccm/AppAdmin.

I suppose that should just fine.



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