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Customizing push2phone.asp

I would like to make the push2phone.asp page a little more user friendly. Instead of having it list phones by name I would like to have them show up with more info such as extension and/or description as well. The only thing i don't know is the different variables that i can pass to axlquery.

For the following line:

var phones = axlquery("listPhoneByName", "<searchString>%</searchString>", callManager, callManagerUserId, callManagerPassword

I replaced listPhoneByName with listPhoneByDN, listPhoneByExtension, etc....

Is the any documentation for this? thanks!

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Re: Customizing push2phone.asp

Any ideas for this???

Community Member

Re: Customizing push2phone.asp

I actually found some documentation for this from a file called on the CCO site. There is a way to do it but not have to query for the devicenames then loop through and perform a getline i think it was for each of the devices.

I tested this out on a lab machine and it totally pinned the CPU on the call manager while executing these loops to get the DN for each of the Device Names. I'll let ya know.

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