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CUVC 3527 - Video not clear on ISDN call


I have installed CUVC 3527 and integrated with a Gatekeeper, we have 1 dedicated PRI directly terminating on the CUVC Gateway with 30 DID's,

when I make a 384kb call the video quality is not good, I have done all possible changes,

kindly expalin on the below moints,

1. Do we have to configure QOS on all the networking devices which comes in between the End point to CUVC,

2. when there is a 384kb call it consumes 12 channel and when the second person joins it again consumes 12 channels, so third person cannot join since there is no sufficient channel, is this correct,(See attachment)

3. When the first end point joins it shows 2 call id's (see attachment), is this correct,

4. when I dial the ISDN no, it does not connect immidietly, I have to retry 2 or 3 times to get it connected,

I am also attaching some useful screenshots,

please help on this issue,

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