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CVM mailbox reset

Unity 4.0.3. I saw a new choice for the send caller to in the template. Unfortunatly,in the help screen, there is no explanation. Does anyone know about this action? Thank.

Cisco Employee

Re: CVM mailbox reset

That stands for "Community Voice Mail" which is a non proffit organization we did a special limited conversation for - the choice acutally should have been hidden for "normal" installs but that one fell throught the cracks.

These folks provide voice mail services for folks that for whatever reason don't have their own phone number they can use (i.e. for interview callbacks and the like) - the CVM reset conversation allows special CVM administrator folks to reset these mailboxes over the phone. It's necessary since a lot of the sites providing mailboxes to users don't have computers and/or network connections that would let them get at web interfaces to do such things.

Re: CVM mailbox reset

I have a customer where now and then, subscribers profiles caller input keys will get set to this option instead of a subscriber out of the blue.

It doesn't happen that often, and have TAC case open but am waiting for it to occur again and work on it before they fix it themselves so we can see whats up.

Cisco Employee

Re: CVM mailbox reset

Well, I'd be really suprised if it were just changing the one key options "on its own" randomly - I suspect there's an admin that's made a boo-boo or something.

One key data is not replicated into the directory like other subscriber related data such as alternate extensions, display name, voice name etc... those values can sometimes appear to change on their own due to problems with directory replication/permissions and the like. All the one key mapping stuff is local only and can only be changed via the SA interface - this hasn't changed much in a long while. I'd be deeply suprised to find out items were just randomly popping over to the CVM conversation without any human help...

New Member

Re: CVM mailbox reset

CVM stands for the Community Voice Mail system. This is some special work we did for a non profit org. This functionality is not available for general use as yet.

For more info on this system check

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