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Data Dips with Oracle

For the last couple of months I have been trying write something (ivr app, ICM script, java script) that will pull information from an Oracle DB. Well it seems to me that IPCC only supports MS SQL server.

Has any one sucessfully been able to pass data coming from an Oracle DB to an ICM variable.

CCM 3.1.4b

ICM 4.1.2a

IVR 2.2.3b


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Re: Data Dips with Oracle

whats the problem you are facing. I am guessing it might be a problem with your DBC driver.


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Re: Data Dips with Oracle

Well I set up an ODBC connection through the IP-IVR but I can't query a view.


Re: Data Dips with Oracle

The latest CRS supports Oracle, and as you say you have a proper ODBC connection, can you tell us what is your database subsystem status on the CRS.

Secondly if the subsystem is running, what do you get when you use the DBREAD step in CRS.


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Re: Data Dips with Oracle

IVR does not support Oracle views. It has to be an actual table that you query. Also, depending on which version of Oracle you are running, you may have issues. If you are trying to connect to an Oracle 7 database, you will have to use the Oracle 8 ODBC driver for it to work. Hope this helps.

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Re: Data Dips with Oracle

We had an issue a while ago since the number of tables in the database was too large for the ODBC connector to handle and the IP-IVR would just hang in the viewer.

To overcome this I used JDBC from the java bean interface of the IVR and that worded fine


Re: Data Dips with Oracle

IP IVR doesnot support views. You have to built custom steps in java to access these views and use these steps in IVR Script.

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Re: Data Dips with Oracle


We have done it with several icm systems using the socket-based application gateway. It talks to a piece of middleware that listens for the request from ICM, queries the Oracle DB, then returns the results to ICM. Email me if you would like a more detailed description at


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