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Database error when Upgrading CCM 3.2(2a) to CCM 3.3(2)

I want to upgrade CCM 3.2(2a) to CCM 3.3(2).

I have already backup CCM 3.2(2a) with StiBack Utility 3.5.18 including database. Then I save that backup file (MCS.sti) and configuration file (backup.ini and dbname.ini).

When I restore that backup file in CCM 3.3(2), I get the messages about error in restoring database CCM0301. So the Call Manager failed to start again.

Below the full text from Stiback.log :

[19:20:59] ______________________________________


[19:20:59] Cisco IP Telephony Applications Restore Utility

[19:20:59] by Spirian Technologies Inc


[19:20:59] Backup service 3.5.18

[19:20:59] Restore applet 3.5.18

[19:20:59] Viewer applet 3.5.18

[19:20:59] stiTape.dll 1.0.1093

[19:20:59] ______________________________________


[19:20:59] Opening stiRestore.log on 07/02/2003

[19:20:59] Local machine name is CM2

[19:20:59] Local IP address is

[19:20:59] Service account is Administrator

[19:20:59] Administrator has local administrative rights

[19:21:20] Opening backup media to create tree from E:\MCS.sti

[19:21:21] Finished getting file information from backup

[19:21:29] Staging files from archive

[19:21:45] Opening backup media to extract catalog E:\MCS.sti

[19:21:45] Finished getting file information

[19:21:45] Closing backup media

[19:21:45] Catalog created successfully

[19:21:45] All files in staging directory compared successfully

[19:21:45] Restoring Cisco CallManager target Cm2

[19:21:58] The Cisco CallManager archive appears to be version 3.2(2c), whereas the installed Cisco CallManager is version 3.3(2). You may need to install Cisco CallManager version 3.2(2c) in order to restore this data

[19:21:58] The CM version conflict warning has been ignored. Restore process will continue

[19:21:58] Cm2 was configured as a publisher

[19:21:58] Cm2 had no subscribers

[19:22:02] Stopping Cisco CallManager service

[19:22:03] Stopping Cisco Database Layer Monitor

[19:22:06] Stopping Cisco IP Voice Media Streaming App

[19:22:07] Stopping Cisco Messaging Interface

[19:22:09] Stopping Cisco TFTP service

[19:22:10] Stopping Cisco Telephony Call Dispatcher

[19:22:11] Stopping SQL Server Agent service

[19:22:13] Stopping DC Directory service

[19:22:14] Stopping Cisco RIS Data Collector service

[19:22:16] Stopping World Wide Web Publishing service

[19:22:17] Removing database publishing from Ccm0301

[19:22:28] Stopping Cisco Database Layer Monitor

[19:22:28] Stopping SQL Server

[19:22:32] Starting SQL Server

[19:22:37] Service has been started

[19:22:42] Closing remaining connections to Ccm0301 database on Cm2

[19:22:43] Dropping Ccm0301 from Cm2

[19:22:43] Restoring Ccm0301 database to Cm2

[19:22:45] Fatal Error - Database Ccm0301 on server Cm2 was not restored

[19:22:45] Fixing restored users on database Ccm0301

[19:22:45] Cleaning database for publishing

Anyone have experience in that case ?

Thank you.


Re: Database error when Upgrading CCM 3.2(2a) to CCM 3.3(2)

Is CM2 the publisher, or is it a subscriber?

The name sounds like a subscriber name, if it is, then you shouldnt be restoring from backup. The only server that you restore from backup is the Publisher. The subscribers are installed with a fresh installation, and they will pull the configuration from the pub.

New Member

Re: Database error when Upgrading CCM 3.2(2a) to CCM 3.3(2)

CM2 is the publisher server. I don't have any subscriber server.

I have more information about the database. In the CCM 3.2(2a) my database is CCM0301, but in the CCM 3.3(2) my database is CCM0300.

Do you know how to rename the database, so the CCM have the same name database ?

Thank you for your response.

New Member

Re: Database error when Upgrading CCM 3.2(2a) to CCM 3.3(2)


I am not clear on what you are trying to do here. The upgrade from 3.2(2a) to 3.3(2) should have upgraded your database to the new version, and called it CCM0301 - incrementing the name by 1 from CCM0300. Why are you trying to put the old database in over top of the new one? That will certainly not work...

Can you clarify what you are trying to accomplish, and what you have done so far?



Cisco Employee

Re: Database error when Upgrading CCM 3.2(2a) to CCM 3.3(2)

Something is not right here, the newer version should have the higher numbered database. Please open a TAC case for this.

New Member

Re: Database error when Upgrading CCM 3.2(2a) to CCM 3.3(2)

I think u needed to have backed up u'r CCM 3.2(2a) with the backup utility that ships with CCM3.3. Then do the same server recovery.

With 3.5.18 backup, you are trying to restore with a different version than that running on your system after the upgrade...hence the error.

Check the achives....there was a long discussion on how to upgrade to 3.3. Some guy was kind enough to give the steps. I followed it with no problem.

Good Luck

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