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Community Member

DBWalker Error... how to correct?

We're getting the following error in dbwalker:

(error) Primary Call Handler is not valid!

This subscriber may be 'stranded' by an improper uninstall of a previous Unity system or

it may be 'sharing' a primary call handler with one or more other subscribers.

If you select the 'Remove subscriber properties on mail users that have no primary call handlers' option and run again this user can be reimported to Unity.

COS Alias=User

Location Object Alias=default

What's the proper way to fix this... or better yet, which property is hosed?

Cisco Employee

Re: DBWalker Error... how to correct?

What version of Unity are you using?

What version of dbWalker is this?

Which object was this on? If it's on a template it's a very different story than if it's on a valid subscriber in your system.

Community Member

Re: DBWalker Error... how to correct?

They are on subscribers

Unity 2.4.6

The latest 2.X DBWalker available on answermonkey

Cisco Employee

Re: DBWalker Error... how to correct?

How many users is this happening on? Without a valid call handler reference those subscribers are not functional in Unity since the call handler object has all their greetings, contact rules, one key mappings etc...

There's no real easy way to "fix" this issue - if the handlers have indeed gone missing you can't easily create a new handler and just link it up with the subscriber object - it can be done but it's a very labor intensive manual process. Normally you'd handle this by using DOHPropTest to remove the subscriber references, clean the corresponding Exchange account of Unity information in raw mode and then reimport those users.

I'm curious what happened on this box, though... call handlers just don't go missing on their own. Did the system experience any trouble? crash? Backup/restore going on?

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