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New Member

dbWalker error

I am upgrading from 2.4.6 to 3.1.4. the dbwalker utility gave me the following error. This account is the primary Unity Administrator account. What does this mean?


Display Name=Exchange Server Service Account

(error) Primary Call Handler is not valid!

This subscriber may be 'stranded' by an improper uninstall of a previous Unity system or it may be 'sharing' a primary call handler with one or more other subscribers.

If you select the 'Remove subscriber properties on mail users that have no primary call handlers' option and run again this user can be reimported to Unity.

COS Alias=defaultadministrator

Location Object Alias=default

Cisco Employee

Re: dbWalker error

Which version of dbWalker are you running? It says at the top of the log.

Is this from a 3.1.4 install or are you running this on your 2.4.6 system prior to exporting the database?

That error normaly means you have a subscriber that is missing their primary call handler which is usually a situation where a Unity server has been removed from the network without properly uninstalling Unity first... there are other scenarios that cause that but this is the most common.

New Member

Re: dbWalker error

I'm running 2.1.114. That subscriber is the Unity Installer account. The Example Administrator and Example Subscriber accounts are still fine.

This is on my 2.4.6 system prior to exporting.

New Member

Re: dbWalker error

You can run the configmgr utility in your commserver directory to restore that primary call handler. Make sure you select the Default Database configuration script when you run it.

Cisco Employee

Re: dbWalker error

Actually, running config manager wont help here since this is the install account which wont be known by the default db scripts it runs. In 2.4.6 we would make the install account a full subscriber during install, something we don't do in 3.x any longer for various reasons.

This account SHOULD be a full subscriber with a proper call handler and an extension number assigned to it. Looks like it was hosed by accident or on purpose at some point along the way. If you just clean off the properties of that mail user it wont hurt anything (i.e. Unity wont care) but you wont be able to access the SA with that account, of course. Other than that, it's not a critical issue. I'd clean the subscriber properties off that guy and do the export and go.

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