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dbWalker Output Error Messages

I recently installed Unity 3.1(3) on a 7750. I created a handful of users just to make sure everything was working properly prior to creating 350+ of the clients users. I ran dbWalker ( the latest version from AnswerMonkey ) and came across a few errors that i don't have answers too.

#1: EVERY call handler has the following error:

contact rule: alternate has a switchID that is set to (NULL) which means it will default to switch 0. You can correct this by selecting a valid switch in SA for this subscriber's transfer rule.


There is only 1 switch - 2 call managers on the 7750 running CCM3.2 I have tried the suggested fix, but can not Pick a switch under transfer rule.


Off Hours has a has a switchID that is set to (NULL) which means it will default to switch 0...

Standard has a switchID that is set to (NULL) which means it will default to switch 0.

Also... There is an error under the EASubscriber

Primary call handler for this sub. has it's AdministrativeObjectId Value pointed to a diff. subscriber. You can fix this in DOHPropTest, but coppying the obj ID of the sub. into the AVP_ADMINISTRATOR_OBJECT_ID.


I cant change anything in DOHPropTest b/c i don't have the super-secret-cisco password that you guys arent allowed to give out.


My questions are, WHY, following a clean install, would these errors show up? Are these serious errors? What's the deal with the EASubscriber's issue other than using the bunny?



Cisco Employee

Re: dbWalker Output Error Messages

The first one there is a warning, not an error - it's not serious just something to note. My QA guy has already entered a bug against the default database scripts indicating those values should default to "0" not NULL, however your system will work fine regardless. I not the warning just in case it is a multiple switch installation and folks didn't make a selection between one or the other switch and they may have intended to.

The second one is a known configuration bug in the default database that's actually been there for some time. I believe it finally got fixed in 3.1(5). The AdministratorObjectId value isn't used for anyting of note in Unity until 4.0(1) is released at which point it will become more important. In this case it's nothing to worry about - just an annoying flaw in the default SQL script that maps the owner for the ESubscriber's primary call handler to the EAdministrator mail user. Which is wrong but not the end of the world. If you see that same error for other objects, however, be concerned since it usually points to "cross linked" handlers or corrupted subscriber template objects which can be a real pain to deal with cleanly.

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Re: dbWalker Output Error Messages

Thank you. Was a little concerned with these since i had not seen them in the previous dozen or so installs i have completed. was worried it had something to do with the box - i had never installed on an ICS 7750.

Will keep an eye on them anyway.

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