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DC directory problem

I have a call Manager 3.2.2c spG system and my dc directory service will not start. I have been to the following link to try and resolve the issue

but in this link it says "Do not use this procedure for CallManager 3.2x or 3.3x. " so I am looking for a link to help with fixing 3.2 dc directory


Re: DC directory problem

There are DCDirectory scripts to resolve directory replication problems between DC Directory Server services running on Cisco CallManager 3.2 servers in a cluster

But i doubt it can help to start the failed service...I'm just wondering if it stoped after upgrade or reboot?Might be a bug as well

CSCdz62623 Bug Details

DCD fails to start, needs to process the Journal to completion


DC Directory Server service starts and immediately stops. This message

appears in event viewer application log:

(DSA REPLICATION(1) Proc 989, Sev 16)

Initialisation failure:

Migration is required but cannot happen since the

version of DC Directory Server which previously ran

on this DIB did not terminate gracefully. The previous

version must be restarted and allowed to process the

Journal to completion before attempting to upgrade

the installation again.


This has only been observed in 3.2(2c)spF. This starts after server

is powered off without a graceful shutdown of the operating system.

The journal becomes corrupt and the transactions in the journal are

not committed to the directory.


1. Rename c:\dcdsrvr\run\dcx500\journal\JOURNAL.DAT to journal.old

2. Start DC Directory Server Service

3. execute this from the command line: DCDREPCL TRIGGER ALL

DCD will pause while this command executes, it can take up to 30 Minutes

with 10,000 users in the directory.

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Re: DC directory problem

Thank you. This was the only solution that solved my problem.


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Re: DC directory problem

I'm running 3.2.2 on a test server and yes, service pack G will do that. I was told by our Cisco rep to stop at sp F which works fine. At least sp G will uninstall cleanly.

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