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Dealing with duplicate extensions.

Here's the situation I'm about to run into...<br><br>I'm running Call Manager (Bravo EFT) with Unity 2.4.5. I have currently have all of my corporate office in production on unity (about 400 phones), and I'm about to roll it out to all of my remote sites (about 1200 phones in 25 locations) all of these remote sites use overlapping extensions (i.e. customer service at every site is ext. 101). I need a way to differentiate between sites without going away from a 3-digit extension. I noticed in Bravo that there is a field that you can set on each line of the phone to tell the VM system if the box for that phone differs from the phone extension; however, upon testing it in a lab scenario it failed to produce the results I was looking for. When I pulled up port monitor on Unity all Unity saw was a call coming in from ext. 101. What I'm trying to do is setup all mailboxes as the fully qualified DID of the phone it belongs to. (i.e. ext. 101's mailbox would be npa-nxx-x101 as setup in Unity instead of just 101). I can make it so that when you dial the voicemail system from the phone the route pattern sends with it the DID of the phone so that when you hit your messages button you get through fine. But when a call is forwarded on a no-answer timeout Unity sees it as just the ext and not the DID.<br><br>Any suggestions would be much appreciated.<br><br>Jeremy<br><br><br>


Re: Dealing with duplicate extensions.

Unity 2.4.5 with Bravo is not even close to a supported configuration. I am not sure which TSP version you have running on the Unity server, but I thought that the latest released version was It surprises me that TSP can even register with a Bravo CCM (unless will acccept the registration, earlier Bravo versions won't).

Unity 2.4.5 or even 2.4.6 is not going to be able to handle multiple boxes for the same extension. True, in Bravo there is the "voice mail number" field that can be applied if the voice mail ID differs from the phone DN, but TSP logic isn't going to look there.

From what you are describing, it sounds like this is a totally unsupported configuration. What is the version of TSP?

Steve Olivier
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Re: Dealing with duplicate extensions.

You are correct it is unsupported, which is why I'm looking for all the help I can get here. My EFT agreement doesn't provide any support beyond the realm of Call Manager. I'm using TSP and have no problems regestering with Bravo.

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