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debug q931 error message with NEC QueueMaster

Hi there,

Can anyone help me analyze the debug ISDN Q931. Call setup made by NEC QueueMaster to Cisco 2811 with PRI E1 connection (TIE line) between NEC PBX and Cisco 2811.

QueueMaster -----(Analog)----- NEC PBX -----(E1 PRI)-----Cisco2811

If you look at the debug message I attached with this post. I have collect both normal call made by a phone which connect to NEC PBX and call made by QueueMaster which also connect to NEC PBX (Call failed problem here). Then from NEC PBX is connect with Cisco 2811 with E1 PRI.

The different I saw are:

Bearer Capability i = 0x9090A3 and Transfer Capability = 3.1kHz Audio. Is this Normal for a voice call? Does it make any different with the normal call made by analog phone which connect to NEC PBX where Bearer Capability i = 0x8090A3 and Transfer Capability = speech??

Then after this message appear "IE out of order or end of 'private' IEsBearer Capability i = 0x3831307D " I am lost...

Can anyone help me what is going on with the call made by NEC QueueMaster why is it giving Q931 message like this?

Thanks in advance...

Prachaya K.

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Re: debug q931 error message with NEC QueueMaster

Apparently PBX is sending an invalid frame:

decode_ie: Decode Error: IE Length Error (0xC0)

One would need to look at debug isdn q921 and manually decode the frame to see if the router is right. Usually, it is.

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