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New Member

Debugging Schedules

I have some problems with my schedules in Unity. I am looking for a possibility to debug or trace scheduling. Unfortunately, schedule selection by a call handler can't be seen in Status Monitor.

Is there a possibility to setup a special trace or a tool to see that?

Cisco Employee

Re: Debugging Schedules

Can you be a little more specific about what, exactly, you're having problems with? Is the wrong greeting playing for call handlers or something along those lines?

New Member

Re: Debugging Schedules

Unity plays always the same greeting, it seems it doesen't consider schedules. I have set the correct schedule in the call handler (weekdays), recorded different greetings (standard & closed), checked system time.

Is it correct that Unity shows schedules in 24h format (0:00-23:30) even if the system is running with US localization (12 AM/PM time format)?

That's why a trace could perhaps help me... Or have you an idea what is going wrong?

Cisco Employee

Re: Debugging Schedules

Well, which greeting is it playing? My first guess would be you have the alternate greeting enabled which will always play no matter what the schedule is since it over rides all other greeting rules when active.


Re: Debugging Schedules

Unity 4.0 will bring a new call flow trace. The trace will allow you to follow a call through the system. In that process you will be able to see which greetings are being invoked based on the schedules.


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