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Default Accounts - Which ones can I delete?

Hello,<br><br>I'm sorry if this question has been asked before. Is there a comprehensive listing somewhere that details how to delete all accounts created by a Unity install? With multiple sites referencing a single Active Directory, the number of useless (from the users perspective) accounts in Exchange and AD becomes rather overwhelming.<br><br>I would like to at a minimum hide accounts in Exchange, and at best delete them entirely.<br><br>Thanks much!<br><br>


Re: Default Accounts - Which ones can I delete?

Unity creates 3 accounts and 3 distribution lists in Exchange/AD:

Example Subscirber - you can delete all of these without a problem

Example Administrator - don't delete ths guy, you'll give yourself all kinds of problems. It can be hidden in the address book no problem, however.

Unity Messaging System (server name) - don't delete this... even if you did, it gets recreated when you start Unity. We need this guy for access to MAPI. He can be hidden from the address book as well.

Unaddressed Messages distribution list - leave this guy be. It's used for routing messages that are not deliverable, it's important that it's there.

All Subscribers distribution list- you can remove this if you want but be sure to remove references to it from the subscriber templates which are configured by default to add all new users to this guy.

System Event Messages distribution list - you can remove this guy. It only gets used by the GAEN service which kicks out messages based on errors in the event log. Most folks don't use it at all regardless.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Technical Lead/Answer Monkey
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