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Default in-band integration?

Can you point me to where I might find some info about what you guys call a "default in-band integration?" I'm tring to integrate with a Rolm 9751v9006 PBX via D/41EPCI card. I'll also integrate with a CallManager (which I can do). Any caveats to doing the dual integration?? Thanks.<br><br>


Re: Default in-band integration?

Dual integration shouldn't be any problem, but be aware that the Cisco support group is not going to handle switch integration problems to legacy PBXs that aren't on the short list of supported switches... which doesn't include the ROLM at the moment.

But if you're a Lewis and Clark kinda guy, head to the Commserver\IntLib directory and open up the AVANALOG.AVD file. In there you'll find a section with the [DEFAULT] heading... that's the default analog integration defintion.

The file is pretty easy to read, you basically just define digit string for direct, forwarded, busy etc... calls and map them to varriables that get handed off to Unity (i.e. what number is the calling vs. the forwarding one). If you watned to do it right, you'd add your own section in here with your own switch name and reference that name from within the Switch.INI file you're using.

Again, support wont help you with problems here... back up the AVANALOG.AVD and/or the switch.ini file(s) you mess with. Upgrades may not preserve some of these changes so always keep a backup handy.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
Cisco Systems (new page for Unity support tools and scripts)

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