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Default password and ID

Hi,<br><br>I have just created some subscribers in Unity 2.4.6. Everytime when I call into the system and hit # key , the system will ask for the password and ID, my question is what is the dafault password for each new subscribers and default ID for identification??<br><br>Regards,<br>Bruce <br><br>


Re: Default password and ID

The default password is assigned by the Subscriber template you used to create new users with. By default out of the box this is "12345", however the installer may have selected to change this before creating your users. You can also go into the SA and change the PW for users vie the web.

The ID is the extension number assigned when you created the subscribers (most of the time this is your extension number).

so when you call in from the outside and you're work extension is 1189 you'd dial *1189, then 12345 to get into your mailbox (unless the installer chose a different default phone password for folks).

If you dial in from your extension at work, it should just ask you for your password (we already know what extension you are so we don't need you to enter your ID). If that's not the case, your switch integration is not configured properly.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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