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default reset does not work 7940

I have 10 7940 phones. I have been able to upgrade and configure 8. Two will not respond to any default settings - ie the factory reset of holding down # and entering 123456789*0#. I bought them used and they are currently configured for MCISip, as displayed on the upper right corner. They also don't seem to be booting as normal. Once plugged in, the headset key lights for about 10 seconds, then the mute key for about 5, then the speaker key flashes - while the main display is blank. Then they appear to be looking for a network based on their current settings. Any ideas?


Re: default reset does not work 7940

Have you tried holding the "#" as the phone starts up (holding it down at any other time doesn't do anything, I believe). This almost always works for me:

reboot the phone and immediately hold down the "#" key. The speaker/headset/mute lights should cycle and the display should read factory reset sequence detected (or something similar, I dont remember offhand). While this is on hand, quickly key in the following number: 123456789*0#

It should then ask you on the screen if you want to keep the network configuration, enter the number corresponding to your choice and you should be on your way to a defaulted phone.

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Re: default reset does not work 7940

Hi, your phones have an old image that doesn't support factory reset.

You need to connect to a PC with wireshark and observe which TFTP address they are looking for, then configure your PC with that an provide OS79XX withe the release name you want to load. After upgrade phones willl be usable again.

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Re: default reset does not work 7940

I was excited about your post. Thought for sure I was going somewhere but not so far did I go.

OK... so I can't seem to get a consistent IP from the phone during bootup. Other crazy thing (or my stupidity). I am running a a tftp server on my PC (ok MAC). Once the phone boots up, I can go into the phones network settings and see the tftp server of the phone showing the same as the server on my pc - in my case

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Re: default reset does not work 7940

Question is, from where it takes that address ?

I suggest you use tftpd32 (free) that does dhcp and tftp server. In the DHCP settings set option 150 with the PC address. If the phone indeed does DHCP you will be ready to serve OS79XX.TXT and the firmware files as required.

Be patient trying because the job can take some time to figure out, after you will be able to revive any phone in any state.

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