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Defined Holiday's in ICD

Our ICD was originally configured by a vendor and there are some modifications that are needed, to include additional holiday dates on which the queues need to be closed.

Alas... I can't find the parameters for Holiday dates. They aren't defined in any of the .aef files, so I was assuming that it was an ICD-wide parameter that would be checked before passing to the scripts. But I have been unable to find anything refering to holiday exclusions in any of the documentation.

Can someone tell me where I can modify the holiday information?


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Re: Defined Holiday's in ICD

There are no parameters in ICD for holidays, they must be done either in the .aef script or if ICD is front-ended by an AA (Unity?) it may use the holiday settings there. There may be an "if" step or "database get" step that reads the holiday dates and compares it to today's date in the .aef file and you would need to add your additional holidays to that list. Email me your script if you want me to take a look...


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Re: Defined Holiday's in ICD

Hi & thanks for your reply. I think you're right on the money. I spoke with a Cisco ICD rep who did some mod's for us and he said the same thing. I can find no reference to it in the .aef files (there are about 6 for the various queues) but what looks to be the easiest option is going to be to use an "AD Hoc variable that the Cisco rep put in the script a while back that will allow me to just set the queue to run the holiday message until I turn it off and return to normal que times. Thanks again fo the reply and suggestions.

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