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Definety G3 to CCM Integration

I'm setting up a pilot Call Manager network for a customer. For this pilot we are accessing the PSTN via their existing Definity G3 (Ver. 7) PBX. Our gateway is a PRI port on a Cat 6509 6608 PRI module. My problem is that when a user with a phone on the PBX calls a person on an IP phone, the IP phone display shows the call coming "From Extenal Caller - Number Unknown". I realize this has to do with what information the PBX is sending to us, but my customer has limited knowledge of the PBX and if we call the PBX support vendor it costs $1,600 per call!!! Does anyone know the proper settings for the G3 to pass the username and number out the PRI trunk to Call Manager?

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Re: Definety G3 to CCM Integration

If you look at change trunk-group x where x is the trunk-group number for the PRI, here are some fields to check for:

1st page:

Outgoing Display: y

Codeset to Send Display: 0

Calling Number - Delete ____ Insert ____

2nd page:

Send Name: y

Send Calling Number: y

Send Connected Number: y

Some of the things could be missing or called by a different name depending on the versions. Also, there is a field on the 1st page called 'supplementary services protocol' which by playing with you should be able to get it to work. I think you want to try c for that value.

If all those things are set and the PRI has been bounced and still no number or name appear, then just to make sure you should check the CCM trace to see what the incoming calls look like as far as the Q.931 messages.

Also, when you make a call from an IP phone to a digital set on the Definity, does the number and name show up in that direction?

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Re: Definety G3 to CCM Integration

Yes, when calling a PBX phone from an IP phone the name and number is passed. Also, when I call an IP phone from the PSTN the correct calling number appears on the IP phone (all PSTN connectivity terminates in the PBX - so all calls to/from the PSTN pass through the PBX).

I tried all the settings you recommended and I'm still not getting the info. I'll do a trace and see what's happening. Thanks!

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Re: Definety G3 to CCM Integration

What kind of Gateways are you using, and what PBX type /central office type are you setting. Are you looking at the definity as a 4ESS?

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Re: Definety G3 to CCM Integration


We are doing a similar project with the Definity G3, and have hit a roadblock even getting the Definity to talk to the 6608 card. Can you provide us with any insight as to how you made that portion work? Any help would be extreemly useful. Thanks. Corey

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