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definity experts ?

have an issue between 2 definities using dcs and transparent ccs on a voip router connection. It all works for about 20 minutes then the PBX's drop out the trunk claiming to have loss of frame even tho' there are no alarms on the router e1 interfaces.

TAC thought it might be clocking but surely that would result in "audible clicks/bangs" etc and then recover. When the PBX's drop out a reboot of a router is reqd to recover.

Anyone seen this ?

Community Member

Re: definity experts ?

You may be failing the maintenance test which are periodically performed on the trunk group by the definity. On page 2 of the trunk group form in the upper right corner see if the "maintanance tests" are "y" or "no". Try setting to "n" and monitor. This will show if the trunk is being taken OOS by the switch because it fails the periodic test.

The periodic test actually siezes each turnk on the trunk group - if there are failures duing the test the switch may decide the trunk is unreliable and may take it out of service. You can manually ( assuming you have maintenance permissions ) invoke the same test by entering" test port 01a0701" where 01 is cabinet, a07 is ds1, 01 is the port.

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