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delay in dialing in ip phone 7970

Hi, I have problem with ip phone 7970 After last digit is dialed and before a call from the 7970 phone routed at the Cisco Callmanager this step is very slow compared with other models for example an ip phone 7960 this steps is very fast, I just now performance upgraded of firmware at the cmterm-7970_7971-sccp.8-0-4SR1.exe but this does not resolve the problem, I have ciscocm.4-1-3-sr3a.

in other words, A slow time of dialing is observed in cisco ip phone 7970 while the user makes calls to any Phone or Call PSTN

For example :

Step 1

Lift the hanset to go off-hook

Step 2

Enter the number that I want to dial

Step 3

Here this the problem

The call has now been placed but very slow dialing at the cisco callmanager and I can hear it ringing on the handset.

In image you can see the problem.

Can anyone help?


Re: delay in dialing in ip phone 7970

Hi Santiago,

Ok let me understand, when you finish entering the digits you want. No response from CCM ie. no ring back tone, no PromptStatus like Ring Out, called IP Phone rings but originator in this case 7970 is not showing current status?

Or while entering the digits theres a long delay while being displayed...

Or you are experience an Interdigit Timeout problem.

Please clarify.

Other phones connected to the same switch experience same behaviuor when dialing same number?

CCM is in the same LAN as IP Phones?

All 7970s?

CCM version?

Switch configs (VLANs, QoS, Check speed|duplex missmatchs)

Actually everytime you press a digit, (StationInit KeyPadbutton), IP Phone send it to CCM and CCM as long as recieve those SCCP messages start processing digits into DA, IP Phone is just sending them to CCM.

Let us know.

Community Member

Re: delay in dialing in ip phone 7970

Hi, all work fine except in case of ip phone 7970 when finish the dialing the last digit and IP phone send it to CCM here the problem,

the IP phone send very slow the digit it to CCM, when sending them there is a delay among each digit, other models of phones in the same switch are not have the problem, and this problem only occurs this models(7970).


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Re: delay in dialing in ip phone 7970

hi,Does anyone know why this is happening?

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Re: delay in dialing in ip phone 7970

Hi Santiago,

i have your same problem in my lab after an upgrade from 3.3(3)sr4 to 4.2(1)sr1b.

All works fine with all phone model except 7970 model.

I don't know why. have you received some news ?



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