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Delay in retrieving messages

I have a user who has 317MB of mail in his inbox. Voicemails are interspersed throughout (mail is sorted by received date). When user dials-in to retrieve voicemail, his first voicemail retrieves instantly, then there is a 1 minute and 30 second delay (we timed it) before it retrieves his next one.

What's going on here? Can you maybe explain to me how Unity parses a mailbox to retrieve voicemail? I think if I understand this, I might begin to understand the source of the delay.

Thanks in advance!

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Re: Delay in retrieving messages

Have you checked the event viewer on both the Unity and your Exchange server? How many users? Is it just this user or all users? Does this happen all the time or just certain times of the day?

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Re: Delay in retrieving messages

Event viewer isn't showing anything pertinent. We have 7,000+ users in our enterprise, only 908 are Unity subscribers. This appears to be affecting only this user, but other users have reported similar problems at other times. Can't answer the last question, we're retesting now.


Cisco Employee

Re: Delay in retrieving messages

The Unity server runs a few filters (or parses) on the inbox to separate different types of messages. The bulk of this filtering is run before the messages are even played back, so I doubt the delay is a result of the filtering. There can be delays with filtering, but you'd hear a long pause before Unity gave the caller the message count.

In between playing messages, there are several RPC calls from the Unity server to the Exchange server. If the subscriber in question is homed on another Exchange server outside of Unity, there is a potential for network issues to be the cause. Is this 55 or E2K?

Cisco Employee

Re: Delay in retrieving messages

Never mind my last question, if it's 2.4.6, it's 55.

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