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delay on mpls

Understand ITU-U recommends at least 150ms one way delay to support vioce over ip. but obviously the lower the better I think. What kind of delay usually you guys get through mpls network in states or in Canada? .


Re: delay on mpls

I would say VoIP traffic is very delay sensitive.Not only over MPLS but even cross a T1 line,it is very popular to configure a low latency queue for the voice traffic to ensure voice quality during congestion.

Re: delay on mpls

We have done a lot of testing of the providers MPLS networks and they range from 40ms to 150ms. It was all about packet lose though. We found ATT having the largest percentage of packet lose, not letting the customer know about it which is why we were called in. Typically though, I see around 80ms, which is still bad i think. Figure in an MPLS network, I think it's standard to assume 1ms delay per 100 miles.

150ms is at the very very edge of poor. 120ms I think is closer to what voices thresholds are.

hope this helps

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Re: delay on mpls

This will be good enough info to me. Thanks very much.

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