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Delete old VM

Question? Anyone out there know where to set Automatic delete on old VM messages. I have looked at Exchange. I can set limtits, I would like to delete read messages after so many days. I am running 3.0.3 and Exchange 2000<br><br>


Re: Delete old VM

Unity doesn't tread into the land of automatically deleting messages out of a shared store at this point. We've discussed it being an optional item that we can turn on and the like but the danger introduced always outweighs the benefits.

There are, however, nifty tools in Exchange you can use to get this functionality, the best of which is Mailbox Manager. In Exchange 5.5 this is an add on introduced into SP3, in Exchange 2000 it's built into the main product. This guy lets you decide what messages to delete based on a robust set of rules/conditions. It can also be used to send out reports to multiple folks indicating who is using what kind of message store space or which messages will be deleted (i.e. giving the admin the chance to approve) or send out warnings to owners of messages that will be automatically removed etc... lots of functionality in here and you can easily set it up to delete voice mail messages based on age (use the message class IPM.Note.Voice.Unity as your filter).

Here's a post on the forum about it: Phrase&Searchpage=0&Limit=25&Old=allposts&Main=479

MSDN article on the 5.5 plug in:

MSDN article on the built in Ex2K version of the same tool:

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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