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Deleting sent messages

We recently installed a Unity at a customer location and they are wondering if there is any way to delete a message that you sent to another subscriber from your mailbox before they listen to it. With their old Repartee system when you sent someone a message before they listened to the last message you sent them the system would ask if you wanted to edit your last message and you could delete it at this point. Just wondering if the Unity has a similar feature.<br><br>


Re: Deleting sent messages

Yeah... I liked that feature in Repartee, too. Unfortunately Unity can't get away with this as easily as Repartee did since we don't "own" the message store.

Exchange doesn't really support the "delete the message in the user's mailbox before they look at it". They tease you with something that LOOKS like it'll do that but all it does for now is dump a message in the target's mailbox (or all the users on a DL that got that message) indicating to you they want to recall it... all this does is peak your interest and make you go look at it right away. Kinda useless.

We could do something really ugly like check the time/date stamp of the message and go rip it out of all the inboxes it got copied to ourselves but this is highly dangerous and frowned on by most of your IS type folks. At this point it's not on the radar for Unity development.

Jeff Lindborg
Unity Product Architect/Answer Monkey
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