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Deleting Unity subscribers

I have a client who has deleted a "problem" subscriber several times. Now the directory appears in the AD Users container several times with the same name.

They are also having problems with subscribers voice mail greetings playing more than once when a caller rolls to voice mail. I'm wondering if the 2 are related and how to clean up the directory issue -- they are deleting the user first in SA.

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Re: Deleting Unity subscribers

Can't see how they'd be related...

If he's deleting the user in the SA and then adding them new (i.e. not importing their Exchange enabled AD account) Unity will create another AD account with the same display name but the alias (mail nickname) will have a number tacked onto the end of it to ensure uniqueness... you can check in AD to see if this pattern matches. I suspect that's the case, this is what we should be doing.

The greeting is probalby playing twice because the greeting rule is configured to do that on their box. Check on the greeting rule (i.e. the standard greeting) down at the bottom... there's a section there for repeating the greeting. By default it's off (set to 0) but if someone set it to 1 or higher Unity will repeat the greeting that many times before proceeding to the after greeting action (usually to take a message). This option is intended for audio text applications where you're expecting the user to make a selection, not just wait... for subscriber mailboxes it's not something you'd normally use. It might have gotten set by accident or perhaps the subscriber template used to create the user got fiddled with to turn that on.

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Re: Deleting Unity subscribers

He is actually deleting them in SA, then deleting them in AD, and then re-creating the user. There are no numbers tacked on to the end.

It's just that several instances of the directory exist with the exact same name, i.e. DSOUCY.

Is there a utility or maintenance process we should be running to clean this up, or does it even matter....

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Re: Deleting Unity subscribers

Are you sure they are not seeing duplicates in the Exchange System Manager plug in? This would make sense, they have to run the Mailbox cleanup agent by right clicking on the mailstore, then all stranded mailboxes will have a red x on them, at that point they can right click on the mailbox and choose to purge or reconnect with another AD account.

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Re: Deleting Unity subscribers

The procedure as stated by the ...Unity Administrator Guide......

(a) Subscriber must be deleted from the Unity account------>

(b) Then from the active Directory----->

(c) And from the Exchange account...

Example...(Subscriber's name-----""ssmith"")

(1) Subscriber name/ Number is deleted from Unity ---->(by Administator)

(2) Subscriber name is then deleted from the ....ACTIVE DIRECTORY...-->(by Administrator)

(3) Then-----> (Administrator) goes into ..""EXCHANGE"" on the ..."""MBX FOLDER""" and there in the file folder is the subscriber's name...""ssmith""

(4) Now the problem is: When the Administrator tries to ...delete...the name...""ssmith"".. from this... MBX File Folder..He gets a message saying that he is not ....Authorized to delete this subscriber's name....!!!!!!....

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