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New Member

Design Question for seperating out building/users!

What I have is the following

5 floors - two for which are being used right now by all the same company but different div.

I have two main swithces 4500 series. One with 2 PRI's and the other with 1 PRI.

I want lets say group 1 to go to switch 1 and group 2 to go to switch 2 in normal operation. But in case either is down I want them to use the other PRI(s).

I want them to be able to dial each other internally but if they need to dial out break up how they go out.

I was going to create different partitions and all the corresponding CSS's and have either the gateway's or the phones have AAR's for the other CSS's so that if it was down or filled up(insufficent bandwidth) then it would use the other way out.

Would I also have to create a seperate local, LongDistance, International, etc CSS for each div. because the only way I could think to handle each one seperatly is to put them in their own Partition so the I could create Route Patterns to control wihch way they went out. And then I would have to create a CSS that would contain each of the different partitions so that they could talk to one another and call it unrestricted?

Is this the best way or is their a better way.

I would greatly appreciate any ideas that you may have.


New Member

Re: Design Question for seperating out building/users!

HI Brian,

What you want to do is quite challenging but can be done if you have a good knowledge or partitions , CSS.

The feature reallys is call Mutli-tenant with call access via LAN between the multple tenant.

you would need to use partitions, route-group, route-list different route-pattern and use your Calls earch space to hide dialining behaviour, other phones etc from each tenant. Its quite challening but can be done with carefull thoguht process.

Hope it helps



New Member

Re: Design Question for seperating out building/users!

So te way I described will work by putting each div in seperate partitions and creating CSS's for each one but make sure the one that each one is in has at least the partition for the other. I know that the tricky thing that always gets me is the order of the partitions in the CSS's. I know it searches them in order.

Is there any good examples of this?

Remember this is really one company but want to have seperate ways out, but just incase they cannot get out the regular way they want to use the other's PRI's for offnet calls but all will use the WAN access to get to the other parts of the company that have CCM cluster as well.

Thanks for the reply.

New Member

Re: Design Question for seperating out building/users!

There is a book that explains this very well. I've not been able to find a url that expalins this particular issue.

if you can get your hand on a copy of cisco call manager fundamentals ISBN: 1587050080. Check out the Multi tenant section and your solution is right there.


Re: Design Question for seperating out building/users!


What you are have described is the way to get multi tennant working, the final step, to allow each department to have an alternat e way out isn't as pretty as you were possibly hoping for.

Create each gateway and place it in it's own route group. Then create multiple route lists, one for each department, that have the route groups in the preffered order for that department.

The down side is calls will go out on a gateways simply because the first gateway is busy, not just because it is down. There isn't really a way around this.

Other than that just remember you need to duplicate all the route patterns for long distance, local , international etc... accross all tennants and your plan works fine.


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