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I have a current customer w/ about 250 UM accounts running on Exchange 5.5 and Unity 2.4.6(5).The Unity box has 8 ports. They have recently been upgrading their NT servers to Win2k. They have an Exchange 2k box ready to go whenever we are ready to upgrade Unity.

My question is this, we are getting to add about 125 additional phones and corresponding UM accounts to the system. The crux of the matter is this group is in their own domain and will have it's own Exchange 2k box.

In your opinion(s) would it be better to maintain seperate Unity boxes and therefore seperate domains or just upgrade/replace the existing Unity box to latest version and increase ports. We would also have to put the domains in the same forests, correct?

If you have an alternate plan that would be great....


Israel Lang


Re: Design Question

Unity 3.X/4.X can services users from multiple domains so long as they are in the same forest. One thing to note is that two domains from separate forests can't be joined together after the fact.

Having all of the users on the same server is going to provide the highest level of messaging functionality so I would say that it is ideal. However if you have two forests and can’t rebuild one of them you don’t have any other option than to deploy two Unity servers.

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Re: Design Question


Thanks for the insight. Is it an accurate statement to say that you could have two distinct exchange boxes, in two domains, within the same forest serviced by the same unity box?



Re: Design Question

Yes that is an accurate statement.

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Re: Design Question

One last thing to make sure my understanding is complete, both servers would need to be Exchange2k, correct? Also what if one exchange server served only users in and the other served only users in, is that what we are talking about?



Re: Design Question

They could be mixed mode as long as there were in the same Exchange 5.5 Site / Exchange 2000 Administrative Group.

Yeah that is the domain structure that we are talking about.

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