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design question

does anyone know a method to achieve this.

user dials 75000 -digit 7 is removed and last 4 digits are sent out of GW 1

if GW 1 is down digiits are sent out GW2

if GW 2 is down digits are sent out of GW3 with the area dialling code prefixed, so 01202 5000

I can't see if you can do an if type config?

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Re: design question


It is almost definately possible - you've not supplied a great deal of info though:

Are you using CM/CME? Or just gateways?

If CM what protocol to manage gateways? h323 or MGCP?


It will mean either configuring CM to use RL/RGs with translation patterns, or configuring translation rules on the dial-peers on gateways.

Can help more if you give us the background.

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Re: design question

I am using the following

Callmanager 4.1-3

3 X MGCP gateways


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Re: design question

If you have a Cisco IOS Software gateway, a translation rule can be created and applied to the outbound Voice over IP (VoIP) dial peer with preferences. The following is an example configuration:

translation-rule 1

rule 1 ^5000 12025000

dial-peer voice 10 voip

preference 1

session target gw1

dial-peer voice 11 voip

preference 2

session target gw2

dial-peer voice 12 voip

preference 3

session target gw3

translation-rule 1

On Cisco CallManager, make a translation pattern and assing it to route list with prority.

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