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Desktop Administrator Problem

IPCC 3.5.(2)

Desktop Admin -> Dial String configuration.

According to the Desktop Admin guide,

Dial strings are used to configure the way dialed numbers are displayed in Agent desktop as well as the way Agent Desktop dials outbound numbers.

In the Outbound dialing tab, I have set 3 Local exchanges, 972, 469, 214. Also 9 is used as Local and Long distance line access code. I have also checked the boxes

i. Ensure a 1 before LD calls.

ii. Use area code for local calls.

When ever I dial from CAD a local number from 972,469 or 214, it adds a 1. For LD calls it adds a 1, which is appropriate.

If I uncheck the option, dial a 1 for LD, it removes the 1 for the numbers under the range 972, 469 or 214. For LD calls, it obviously now does not dial 1.

Is this a bug ? How can we fix it?



Re: Desktop Administrator Problem

Ok, I think i figured out whats wrong.

In outbound calls tab, I dont have any exchanges specified as local.

Instead in the Advanced dialing tab, I have set the following parameters in Advanced External Dialing tab.

a. Specify Neighboring Area codes -> 214, 469, 972

b. Exchanges for 10 digit dialing (local) - All exchanges as 10 digit numbers - checked.

After this all local calls to 214, 469, 972 are dialed with out a 1 from CAD, and the rest of the area codes are dialed with a 1.


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