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Detecting a Route Pattern using JTAPI


We are trying to develop a JTAPI application that can detect which route pattern is used when a specific Directory Number dials a number. We are using CallManager 7.0

For example: Extension 1001 Dials a land line number 555-1234. I want to detect the name of the route pattern that extension 1001 used to place the call.

I need this information while the call is placed, so CDR is not an option. Thanks

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Re: Detecting a Route Pattern using JTAPI

you can check the same using DNA from CUCM serviceability.

Re: Detecting a Route Pattern using JTAPI

I think the OP is thinking of real-time CTI monitoring. Unfortunately, there's no way to figure this out then and there.. the number you see in (J)TAPI is already translated. Perhaps using the originally dialed number and if there's no translation of the calling number you could check available patterns in the SQL DB, but it would be one heck of a job to get it done seeing that there can be multiple patterns that can apply (in CCM7 you could have transformation patterns, translation patterns and route patterns). Internally, I'm sure CCM has a way to do all this since it's what is needed to route calls, but that functionality isn't exposed.

Now I guess it comes down to how much you need to know this information - is it worth spending considerable effort to replicate what is basically a dialed number analyzer or not?

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