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Device Line approach

I've configured the device / line approach to CSS's. Now I want to block all calls except emergency from not-logged in phones.

Instead of creating a single blocked translation for each possible dialled number (potentially a lot of blocked translations), what's the best way to deny all numbers except emergency (911, 999 & 112) ?



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Re: Device Line approach

Put the emergency number route patterns in their own partition. Configure the Device CSS to only have access to the partition which includes the emergency numbers. Configure the Line CSS of the device profile (I assume you're talking about extension mobility) to have access to this partition as well as other partitions with other route patterns. Hope this helps.


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Re: Device Line approach

Thanks Brandon, however I don't think this will solve the problem.

If I apply PSTN route patterns to the line then - using extension mobility - calls will route out of the user's home gateway which is what we need to prevent - calls must all go out of the local site gateway.

As per the SRND, I use the device / line approach so that all PSTN calls from a site go out of the local gateway - the gateway has a 9.@ (where one exists) or equivalent route pattern in it's CSS.

The Line CSS has numerous blocked translation patterns to give me Class of Service.

This works fine & ensures my extension mobility users' calls go out of the local gateway whichever site they log in at.

If, as you suggest, I create an additional 911/999/121 route pattern and assign this to the line I need to assign the new route pattern to a gateway. I lose my non-geographic line settings which I can live with - the phone shouldn't be moved anyway since that would break locations based CAC.

The problem I see however is that I would still need numerous blocked xlations as before. I need an easy way to block all calls except emergency whilst maintaining my ability to route all calls via the local gateway.

If an easier way does not exist I'll just have to create numerous blocked xlation patterns to cover every dialling permutation.

PS. I can't use route filters because some of the countries I need to cover do not have Cisco dial plans.

Again TIA,


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Re: Device Line approach

Sorry, I failed to think about calls needing to go out the local gateway. With that requirement. I can't see another way to solve the problem.


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Re: Device Line approach

Paul, you will have to create 2 partitions say "Normalusers" and "Fullaccess".

Put the "Fullaccess" partition in a Calling search space, say "CSS_Fullaccess" and the "Normalusers" partition in "CSS_Normalusers".

All your Route patterns except (emergency numbers)will have the "Fullaccess" partition and all your phones will have the "CSS_Normalusers" calling search space.The emergency route patterns will have the "Fullaccess" partition.

So, using this, normally no one will be able to dial any other number, other than just dialing the emergency numbers.

Now, when you create the "device profile" for Extension Mobility, give it the Calling search space of "CSS_Fullaccess". So, when someone will log into EM, they will get this CSS and will be able to call anyone.

Let me know incase of any issues.

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