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Device weight for SoftPhone and Maximum Device Units per Server

Anybody knows how much are the max units in a Call manager and how much units weight a softphone?, I'm a little bit confused

In the "Cisco IP Telephony Network Design Guide" we have Device Weights "Cisco SoftPhone =20" then states:

Maximum Number of Devices per Server Platform:

MCS-7835 ( Maximum Device Units per Server = 5000

Then I assume Max number Softphones per server = 250

Well when I read "CTI Applications Architecture and Design for CallManager 3.1" indicates:

CallManager CTI Connection Limits:

CM3.0(x) = 400

CM3.1(x) = 800

Then I assume Maximum Device Units per Server (8000 or 16000)

Besides it says explicitily:

"Note that the maximum number of CTI connections per server is not proportional to the maximum number of CTI connections per cluster. For example, if provisioned correctly, if you can have up to 800 IP Softphones on oneCM Server, the logical rationale is to have 800 x 5, or 4000 Softphone connections for 6 CM servers in a cluster."

Anybody can explain this to me?

And what about CM3.2(x) ?

I read in its Datasheet:

"H.323 performance improvement, enabling 1000 H.323 calls per server in a cluster" Does this change anything?



Re: Device weight for SoftPhone and Maximum Device Units per Ser

Good question. Digging through some stuff, I would be more inclined to take the conservative approach either way. Here's my opinion:

In the statement above it states that "if provisioned correctly", to me that means if you have a cluster, you basically dedicate the entire server just to do CTI applications, no TFTP, no Trace files, no ART, no HTML, no transcoding, etc.... What I think the applications guide is more concerned with is the capabilities of the CTI manager, not the hardware.

Hardware wise, the processor/memory can only handle so much load and Cisco puts the Maximum Device Unit as a reference, not an absolute. I would be inclined to believe that the CTI Manager numbers referenced in the Applications guide are an absolute.


CTI Applications Architecture:

IP Telephony Design Guide:

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