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DevlistListX RISX Status Code 3

In working with devicelistx, I have found that every so often I get a record with a status code (s=) of 3. Thus far I have not found any doc that enumerates what 3 means. It is a relatively uncommon occurence. On clusters with an average size of 600 phones, I may see this status code once in a dozen retrievals. I can consistently get the status code of 3 when polling our main cluster with 13,000 phones. Even then, I only average 3 such records per polling interval (which is 6 hours). When looking at these devices, they are in between the 'Unknown' and 'Not Registered' status when displayed in the CCMAdmin interface. What I mean is that it is an 'Unknown' with an IP address assigned to the device.

I have a reporting tool that handles, sorts, etc. the devicelistx raw and I was wondering what exactly is meant by status "3".

I am using CM 4.1.3sr3c.

A sample:

Device t="32" n="SEP0011926F04C0" d="Common Office Supply-4594" c="HQDC-274_User-Std_CSS" dn="2022748598" clid="Polycom Test" p="HQDC-UTC1_User-Std_DP" i="" s="3" h="" />

I have seen this on all device types.

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Re: DevlistListX RISX Status Code 3

Code 3 "in the Peripheral Monitor Real Time report.

Problem Description:

ICM 4.1.5

PG 5 only

Avaya ACD CMS Less

Other Info:

Rttest shows PG up for 5 days no failures. Previously were seeing Status code 2 but had no effect on


Action Plan:

- Aarron to provide Event Viewer App & Sys log if they provide errors.

The ICM Master Help contains a list of EVERY message, including meaning, and more importantly, what to do about it. It is searchable by keyword, event ID, process, severity,

Try accessing at AW by open Schema Help / ICM Master Help / Help Topics, then ICM Errors.

Hint: When you open up the Help Topics index, scroll down past the list of event IDs to find the help messages sorted by node and severity. Or click the "find" tab to search by keyword. This help information should be updated with every revision of the product.


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Re: DevlistListX RISX Status Code 3

Not sure I follow how this is related.

Anyway, I found out that the status code of "3" refers to a device that is experiencing registration failures.

An example is a phone that is configured as a 7936 in CM, but is actually a 7960.



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