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DHCP server on CCM5.04

Even though the help in the CCM5.04 says it is possible to setup DHCP server on this version of CCM, I have not succeed to. Have anybody got better experience?

I do not understand, whether I shoud activate the "Cisco DHCP Monitor Service" on the CCM server. I have 1 CCM server, with fixed IP address, it is configured with DNS services but I do not rely upon it, I use IP addresses instead of domain names in all settings. Only IP phones receive its IP address from a DHCP server. Should I activate the "Cisco DHCP Monitor Service"?


Re: DHCP server on CCM5.04

This may occur if

1) There is no option 150 Set on the DHCP server on the native VLAN

2) CDP on the Switch and Phone do not converge in a timely fashion.


Insure that if a DHCP server is configured on the native VLAN, that it's option 150 information points to a known good call manager.

So basically what you should do in order to make the phones load is:

1. Configure option 150 in the native VLAN scope on the DHCP server.

2. Remove the "voice vlan" command from the switchport and leave the switchport as an access port on the native VLAN.

3. Reboot the phone. The phone will upgrade its load using an IP address on the native VLAN.4. Add the "voice vlan" command back to the switchport.

5. Reboot the phone. The phone will now come up with an IP address on the voice VLAN.

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