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Dial in configuration on FXO ports

I have a VG200 with an NM-2V and 2)VIC-2FXO in a test environment. I have 4 analog lines connected to the FXO ports. Im able to dial out and dial into one of the analog numbers which in turn will ring the Auto Attendant DN (as entered in Gateway Configuration- I do not have Auto Attendant installed), but I would like to configure each outside number from the analog lines to ring a specific IP phone.

Could someone please provide the essential steps in configuring Call Manager and/or the VG200 or point me to appropriate documentation?

VG200 is running 12.1(5) XM7

Call Manager 3.3

New Member

Re: Dial in configuration on FXO ports


Should be pretty straigth forward. Here is an example fo 1 fxo port being directed to an ip phone. I.e. one to one mapping


voice-port 1/1/1

connection plar opx 8801 --->8801 is the intended terminating ip phone

caller-id enable

supervisory disconnect dualtome mid-call

echo-cancel coverage 32


dial-peer voice 1 voip

destination-pattern 8...

session-target ipv4: --> call manager ip address

dtmf-relay cisco-rtp h245-signal h245-alphnumeric

codec g711ulaw


dial-peer voice 2 pot

destination-pattern 1T

port 1/1/1

forward-digit all

You can repeat the voice-port config and dial-peer port config for as manay line as you like to have a one to one mapping for.

If you have an AA configured in the ccm, then you can put your AA cti route point number under the voice-port comnnection plar config and allow ucaller to type in extension for more user support.

Hope it helps



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