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dial out without 9?

CCM /CIsco Voice GW. Customer wants dial out without dial 9. Is there a way do this? Can we do translate so that the system can automatically add 9 ahead of the dialed number? Thanks. But even this works, how should do setup the route pattern?


Re: dial out without 9?

This is possible but generally not recommended, since it's virtually guaranteed that parts of the NANP (North America Numbering Plan) or any other country's dialing plan will conflict with your internal dial plan.

For instance, let's say you have extension 131. Someone then wants to call 1-314-555-1212, a phone number in the St. Louis metro area in Missouri. Normally CallManager will complete a call to 131 as soon as the third digit is dialed, but now it has to wait to see if you're calling an external phone number.

Implemething a plan like this means you will have to wait for interdigit timeout, by default 10 or 15 seconds, for any internal call to complete. You can reduce this timer, but there will always be some delay and some confusion. This is NOT a recommended way to run a phone system.

If you are really dead set on doing this, you can use simply "@" instead of "9.@" for your outgoing route patterns.

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Re: dial out without 9?

actually you can do it a couple of ways.

One that I have seen a few times is by using the area code +co+4 digit ext as your internal dialing plan. i.e. 4055551212 and then implementing a route pattern to your gateway like 1.@ discard NO digits and don't provide outside dial tone. Getting outside dial tone after a 1 is pressed might confuse the users and cause headaches. No need for it.

This ensures that you will never have a match that conflicts with your internal dial plan.

Another route you could go is to configure Dn's that could not match the nanp. This is restrictive because it limits the number of dn's you can setup. But if you are small to medium size office with only a couple of locations you will be ok.

Make a route pattern like 1.[2-9]XXXXXXXXX route with no outside dialtone. This allows you to use 1000 to 1199 as internal dn's as well as 2000-9999.

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