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dial-peer and CCME strangeness


Struggling to get outbound calls working.

What I'm trying to achieve is to simply dial 0 to get an outside line, allowing me then to dial a local number. I've tried many different dial-peer configs with no success.. Below is one i believe should work.

dial-peer voice 200 pots

destination-pattern 0T

port 0/3/0:15

I have the telephony services configured with secondary-dialtone 0 to give me an outside tone

when i dial 0.

So if i just enter a number 055123456, i get a slow busy after the first 5 is dialed.

Here is the dial-peer debug..What puzzles me is i have no dial-peer 20093 configured ? Could this be a clue ?

List of Matched Outgoing Dial-peer(s):

1: Dial-peer Tag=20093

2: Dial-peer Tag=2000

So what i notice is, if I dial 0055123456 (note the extra 0) the call is matched correctly to the dial-peer and the call is placed but of course doesnt work as the number becomes invalid with the extra 0. I can work around this problem by using the area code.. so dialing 00755123456 works fine !

Any suggestions to what i'm doing wrong would be appreciated.

Cisco IOS Software, 2800 Software (C2800NM-SPSERVICESK9-M), Version 12.3(11)T8


Re: dial-peer and CCME strangeness

The second dialtone is what you hear as slow dial tone (because you have secondary-dialtone command configured)

0 is your trunk access code. Is your country's numbering plan require a valid number to be a 10 digit number ? Then what you are experiencing is prety normal.

You say that 0,075-512-3456 works fine to you. (where the first 0 is the trunk access code that matches the 0 in the pattern 0T and T will take care of the rest of the digits you dial). In POTS dial peers, if you make an explicit match, that digit is stripped and not sent out. (in this case the leading 0 is stripped). The rest of the digits (075-512-3456) will be sent to the telco and the call is succesfully placed.

Also look for 20093 dial-peer tag in the output (sh telephony-service dial-peer)



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Re: dial-peer and CCME strangeness

Thanks for your response..

I known generally 10 digits numbers are becoming the standard but I should be able to dial 8 digit numbers without any problem in Australia. Its just a local number.

I dial 0 and get the dialtone as expected, I dial 5 and straight away I get a busy signal. Doing a debug isdn q931 I notice the call does not hit the PRI at all... Its like there is something else on the router thats insisting the first dialed number after the trunk access code be a 0 !


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Re: dial-peer and CCME strangeness

Ahh ok the sh telephony-service dial-peer command show me the 20093 dial-peer.. So this is whats catching my 55123456 call.. Is it possible to edit these dial-peers ?

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