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Dial-Peer Question

I am trying

to set up dial-peers on a gateway (that goes between a PBX and CM) that will

accept calls that look like this - 9 312 555 1212 12345 where 12345 is a

Long distance PIN.

I have tried this a whole slew of ways, none have worked yet.

destination-pattern 9

destination-pattern 9T

destination-pattern 9...............

destination-pattern 9..........T

None of these worked. The one that I thought would have worked was the 9

with the 15 dots. But what happened in the ccapi traces is that it showed it

matched (9 312 555 1212 T) and it wouldn't even put the call through !!????

What is that about? That is why I tried adding the T on the end of the 10

dots. Of course it hated that, but I thought it was worth a try.

I finally just made one with 10 dots and nothing else, so it effectively

ignores any PIN code (if entered), but still puts the call through, and

that's what I am living with now.


Re: Dial-Peer Question

I would only suspect the PBX. I wonder if it has been configured to pass on the access code to the gw. It may be worth checking that.

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Re: Dial-Peer Question

Hi ,

Whe you match the 9..........T pattern, are you actually stripping the PIN before forwarding the call to the PSTN. The PBX on the PSTN side will not recognise the last five digits that you are sending out, that might explain why the call did not go through.

Try matching the same pattern and doing a custom forward digit for 10 digits ar create a translation rule that will match the number+PIn and translate it to just the Number on the Dial-peer.

Hope this helps


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