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dial translations , digit stripping

I have a requirement to stip digits going to the network, to clarify I have a string 0311xxxxxx that would be used to send digits a specific way but need to be stripped on the way out. So when I see the 0311 I'd match it to a specific pvc but only dump the xxxxxxx to the next router not the 0311. I cannot find a way to do it except making more translations on the next hop router which would make it very long and require all my routers to have 10 translations in it.

is there not a translation commant do do ^311....... ........ unknown unknown

I know that will not work iin the router just using it to demonstratate I wish to only forward the dots not the 311 any ideas ?


Cisco Employee

Re: dial translations , digit stripping

If you are doing this on the ccm make the route pattern 0311.xxxxxx and then do a discard predot that will strip the 0311. I not on ccm then translations on the router is one of the only things you can. You can look at the num-exp command but I prefer translation rules if I can use them.

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Re: dial translations , digit stripping

Would this work for you?

translation-rule 1

Rule 0 ^03110 0

Rule 1 ^03111 1

Rule 2 ^03110 2

Rule 3 ^03111 3

Rule 4 ^03110 4

Rule 5 ^03111 5

Rule 6 ^03110 6

Rule 7 ^03111 7

Rule 8 ^03110 8

Rule 9 ^03111 9

p41-7200-1#test translation-rule 1 031112345

The replaced number: 12345

p41-7200-1#test translation-rule 1 031101234

The replaced number: 01234

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