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Dial-up Access and VMO

If I have client workstations with VMO (Unified Messaging)that work fine, but those cliets go off-site traveling. How can I set up for remote dialin access so that I don't have to sychronize my offline folders with all information (including email, and voicemail messages), but yet can still get to both types of messages if I choose to? In other words, can I set up my clients so that they have access to synchronize their email messages, and, or, sychronize their voicemail messages at their discretion while offline? The voicemail messages take a long time to sychronize, so sometimes they do not want to wait, but other times they need access to them.<br><br>Thank you for any assistance.<br><br>

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Re: Dial-up Access and VMO

Some of this can be done through Outlook. Outlook will let you set up synchronization for offline folders.
Open the Inbox, look at properties. Click the synchronize tab.
You will need to setup a filter. Select the Message Class filter from All Mail properties.
The message class for the Voice Mails for Unity is IPM.Note.Voice.Unity.

Note, this will always disable the VoiceMails from becoming part of the offline Inbox. There is not way to selectively do the offline synch. Either the filter is active or not.


Re: Dial-up Access and VMO

You might consider using remote mail options that let you get the headers of all your inbox messages and selectively check which ones you want to download. Here's a thread on that:

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