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New Member

Dialing from Outlook -


has anyone come across the below message

"another program is using the selected telephone device -

try again after the other program has finished"

installed tsp for CM 3.2 dialing via outlook works for the first time then get the above error - closing outlook doesn't resolve it , reboot computer works first time then same error message



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New Member

Re: Dialing from Outlook -

This is not a solution. I am just curious how can we dial directly from outlook. As I know I can do it from my IP phone. Can you do it from outlook (at computer). If yes can you give me the link for that. I appreciate for that.Thanks

New Member

Re: Dialing from Outlook -

Hi Rakesh,

Try this.

1) Using the CallManager Administrator interface, create a user for each Microsoft Outlook user who wishes to use the contacts. Make sure that in the global directory, the user has the Enable CTI Application Use checkbox checked, and that the IP Phone is associated with that user.

2) Download the Cisco Telephony Service Provider installer from the Cisco CallManager Install Plugins page to the PC on which Microsoft Outlook is installed.

3) Double-click the downloaded executable. The installer proceeds to install Cisco TSP. Click Next.

4) Choose the setup language

5) Click No when asked about multiple instances of Cisco TSP, unless you want to talk to multiple CallManager clusters.

6) Once the installation is finished, you need to configure Cisco TSP. To do so, go to Control Panel > Phone And Modem Options. When the Phone and Modem Options window opens, click the Advanced tab, then select CiscoTSP001.tsp and click Configure.

7) The Cisco IP PBX Service Provider window opens. Select the User tab and provide your CallManager username and password.

8) Select the CTI Manager tab, and provide information about the primary and secondary CallManager servers, either an IP address or host name. Click OK to close the window.

9) Open Microsoft Outlook and open the Contacts folder. Right-click one of the contacts that you want to call, then click Call Contact.

10) The New Call window opens. Click Dialing Options to make sure you are using the correct line to call.

11) In the newly-opened Dialing Options window, in the Connect Using Line area, select the line you want to use to call, then click OK.

12) Back in the New Call window, click Start Call. Call status shows as Dialing. At this point, the speaker on your IP phone activates, and you can hear the call progress.

13) When the call is connected, you see the Call Status as Connected. Closing this window ends the call. You can also end the call from the IP Phone, or by clicking End Call.

I hope this helps.


New Member

Re: Dialing from Outlook -

Thanks. It really worked like champ. it was a cool feature. Do you any other cool feature.

Thanks again

New Member

Re: Dialing from Outlook -

Can this feature be used with CM 3.1(4b) ? any spacial requirments ?


New Member

Re: Dialing from Outlook -

All you need is the correct version of TSP. Each version of CCM requires a different version of TSP. Safest way to do it is to install the TSP from the Install Plugins page in CCMAdmin.

Of course, when you upgrade CCM, you'll also need to touch every PC that has TSP installed.

Re: Dialing from Outlook -


i have done as you have explained above but when i try and make a call i get "An internal error occurred in the automatic phone dialer. close the dial phone dialog box and then open it again" i tried this several times and it still doesn't work.

i am using CCM3.3 and my laptop is Win2K

do you think this is a problem with my laptop or connection to the CCM


Re: Dialing from Outlook -

don't worry i have sorted out the problem, i hadn't rebooted my machine after configuring the tsp etc. works a treat and my manager loves it

New Member

Re: Dialing from Outlook -

Hi Zehir,

Which Windows platform are you using here? I have seen a similar issue where Win98 was being used. Using Win 2000 with MS Office 2000 worked fine in that instance.

The root cause in that case turned out to be the fact that on the second and subsequent call attempts, Outlook would open the line associated with the phone, but did not wait for the line to go in service before making the call.

Do you still have the same issue when trying from a different PC?


Re: Dialing from Outlook -


You might want to try opening phone dialer before trying to make the call from outlook.

My guess is you are using win98, and I've seen this problem only on win98.

It's a real pain, it looks ike win98 doesn't assign the tapi correctly and grab the line unless a dedicated telephony app is running, which it doesn't consider outlook to be.