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Dialing the Numbers that called me before?

When i get a call or get a missedcall from someone:

First: its number would be without the first "0"

Second: when i dial it, i cant.

because i need to add : 9 for external line and a "0"

how can we do this on Call Manager so it would not give us a problem and make life easiar?


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Re: Dialing the Numbers that called me before?

Hi Fady ...

This is a very common question that has been asked in this forum. Check out this recent thread that has great answers from Milan and Aaron, I'm sure it will give you what you need to know if you are using a MGCP Gateway.

Here is some information from another thread that I saved when I first looked to answer this same question. I can't remeber who exactly it came from so I can give them the credit they deserve!! I think it was probably Chris Deren or Sankar Nair.

If you have a MGCP gateway no need for all that, go to service parameters and choose call manager and then click on the Advanced link on the right, there are parameters called National, International, subscriber and unknown number prefix, put in 91,9 whatever you want to prefix and you are done

The other way to do for an H323 gateway is to have translation rules on the router such as

translation-rule 1 ^0 910

translation-rule 1 ^1 911

Hope this helps! Rob

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Re: Dialing the Numbers that called me before?

first when i get a call the number should be 0....

i am getting the number without the 0, why?

second: i added the 90 to the national parameters

and it didnot work, do i need to restart service? or anything?


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