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Dialpad Input= 7940/60 Good, 7912 BAD.


We hae a mixed deployment of 7940s and 7912s in our environment and we have come up with an odd problem-

When calling an outside number- say UPS for example and they ask you to input numbers on your keypad for certain options, the 7940s/60s NEVER have a problem. On the other hand, the 12's either don't seem to get the numbers right, or they aren't being sent at all. This makes it nearly impossible to dail places that require dialpad input from the phone. It was suggest that something might not be right on the gateway but I believe that if this were the case, we'd have problems with the 40's and 60's too.

Any ideas as to why the odd issue with the 12's?



Re: Dialpad Input= 7940/60 Good, 7912 BAD.

The subject line in this defect is misleading, but this is probably your culprit:

If so, DTMF input should work in Monitor mode (handset on-hook, audio through speaker). The best way to fix it is to download and install the latest DevPack for your version of CallManager, which will upgrade your 7912s (and your other phones) to the latest available phone loads.

CallManager 4.1, DevPack 25.3:

CallManager 4.0, DevPack 44.6:

CallManager 3.3, DevPack 65.6

If you have CallManager Express, you'll need to download just the latest version of the 7912 load. Get the one in ZIP format and unpack it, place it in your router's flash, and modify your CME config so that the 7912 phones upgrade to that load.

Latest 7912G phone load is 8.0(1):

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Re: Dialpad Input= 7940/60 Good, 7912 BAD.

I actually came across the same problem today with a 7905 on CME 3.4. Strangely, our 7912s don't suffer the problem (yet). Upgrading the 7905 to load 8.0(1) fixed the problem.

As above, using the handset in monitor mode worked fine, and 7940/60s didn't have a problem at all. It sounded like the 7905 was generating DTMF locally in addition to CME generating tones and this was causing remote IVR systems to screw up.

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