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DialPeer configuration

Hello Guys,

When I want to configure a dial-peer a message stating " Could not add peer" displays. Could you please let me know why is this message and how can I work aroung? The router is a 3640.


Please consider the following two Dial-peers. For a call coming in from PSTN, which Dial-peer is going to be used? Accroding to me the Dial-peer voice 1001 will be used because the call is coming from PSTN therefore it going to use the PRI. Am I right?

dial-peer voice 7000 voip

preference 1

destination-pattern 7577

session target ipv4:

incoming called-number .

dtmf-relay h245-alphanumeric

codec g711ulaw

no vad

dial-peer voice 1001 pots

preference 1

destination-pattern [2-9].........


port 1/0:23

forward-digits all



Re: DialPeer configuration


How many dial-peers do you have on your router already ? I have seen this happen on a 2600 in my lab (12.3) and it would not let me add more than 20-25 dial-peers. I upgraded the memory, and IOS and that seem to have fixed the problem. Remember, that if you have CME or SRST configured on this router, then that adds more dial-peers for each dialplan pattern and ephone-dn that is registered to CME/SRST.


Since you dont have a incoming called-number and answer-address configured, it will use the ANI and check against dial-peer 1001 (or any other dial-peer that makes a longest match) and match that leg as inbound call leg. Read this link for more details.

I would recommend adding the command "incoming called-number ." under dial-peer 1001, so that the dial-peer gets matched as the inbound call leg, for calls coming inbound from PSTN. If 4 digit DID is being delivered (say 7577) then that will be send via H323 protocol to using dial-peer 7000.



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Re: DialPeer configuration

the dialPeer that would be used for an incoming call from the PSTN is the 0 dialPeer. (default dialPeer)

the voip dialPeer would be used to have the gateway forward the call across the LAN to the host

not sure why the error you state is given, could be a couple of reasons.

if you provide your full configuration, minus sensative ip addresses, and the exact command you are attempting to add as well as the IOS version, we can better assist you.

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